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Can I receive payments that are not related to provision of services?

At Husky, with a Corporate account, it is only possible to receive transfers related to the provision of services.

With an Individual account, in addition to payments for the provision of services, you can receive:

  • Transfers between accounts of the same holder
  • Transfers to financial dependents
  • Sale of shares
  • Stock Options
  • Stock dividends
  • Buy or sell land, housing, or building in Brazil or abroad

Some of these operations require specific documentation. We help you receive safely! Contact us through our support channels.

We do not support donations, loans, international goods trade, direct investment, related to cryptocurrencies, and reimbursement of insurance or health plan operations. If such a payment arrives at Husky, it will need to be returned to the originator. The transfer fee for returns is up to $60 (USD/EUR) and is deducted from the amount to be returned.


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