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I receive money from abroad for services. Can I transfer money from my account abroad to my account in Brazil?

Yes, you can!

The logic behind these payments is: Joana, a Brazilian woman, did a service for someone or company abroad and will be paid for it.

Joana can receive this money directly in Brazil, or she can receive it into an Individual account or in one of her companies account in another country. If she receives it in an account abroad, she can bring this money to Brazil by making a exchange operation type in Brazil called "disponibilidade", which is money that is already hers and that she is just moving from one country to another.

Note that, the IOF fee is charged from "disponibilidade" type of payments.

"Disponibilidade" by definition are transfers between accounts of the same holder.

  • Individual account to Individual account: Joana worked, received the payment in her Individual account in another country and is sending to her Individual account in Brazil

  • Corporate account to Corporate account: Joana worked as a company in another country, received the payment in a Corporate account in another country and is sending to a Corporate account from the same CNPJ to Brazil

In this context, "disponibilidade" is not allowed in the following cases:

  • Corporate account to Individual account: can not be considered "disponibilidade". The exchange operation type will depend on the reason for the transfer, it is possible, for example, for a partner to provide services to your company, and receive for services provided.
  • Individual account to Corporate account: Joana cannot work and receive payments in her Individual account in another country, send to her Corporate account in Brazil and then transfer this payment to other Individual account in Brazil. In logic, Individual > Corporate > Individual, Joana's company would be providing a service to herself, which is not possible, and could even be considered an attempt to pay less taxes

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