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How to receive my first payment with Husky?

Do you have questions about how to receive your first Husky payment? We have summarized here what you need to know to receive your payment worry-free and safely!


Exchange operation type

At Husky, with a Corporate account, you can receive transfers related to the provision of services.

With an Individual account, in addition to payments for the provision of services, you can receive:

  • Transfers between accounts of the same holder
  • Transfers to financial dependents
  • Sale of shares
  • Stock Options
  • Stock dividends
  • Buy or sell land, housing, or building in Brazil or abroad

We do not support donations, loans, international goods trade, direct investment, related to cryptocurrencies, and reimbursement of insurance or health plan operations.


Account type

At Husky, you can open an Individual or a Corporate account, or you can have both.

Choosing your account type will depend on where you will receive your payments. You will only be able to receive payment into a bank account in Brazil held by the same holder as your Husky account. For example, if the Husky account belongs to your company, you will not be able to receive payments into a Individual Brazilian bank account.

It is also important to note that, if the contracted person indicated in the service contract is your company, you must receive the payments in an account with that CNPJ.


How does the payer transfer to my Husky account?

  1. In Husky web app, go to Conta Husky, choose the currency you will receive the payment
  2. Click on Copiar tudo or Enviar para o meu e-mail
  3. Send this information to the person who will make the transfer for you

Important: the type of transfer must be international, also known as Wire Transfer or SWIFT, and payment must be made in foreign currency. It is not possible to receive through local transfers, such as ACH, nor payments already converted into reais.
Intermediary bank details for USD transfers are extra information. Some payment forms, in addition to the beneficiary's information, ask for an intermediary bank. If you don't have a field to put this information, just leave it without. Never replace your beneficiary information with the intermediary.


The payer made the transfer, what happens now?

After the transfer is made, in most cases, payment arrives at Husky within two business days.

At this stage, just wait for it to arrive. Remembering that any international transfer can take up to 5 business days to arrive.

When your payment arrives at Husky, you will be notified via email and at the web app to select the exchange operation type of your payment.

Important: you have to complete this information once per payer, the next time you receive it from the same company or person, it will not be necessary.

As soon as your payment is approved, you will receive the email notification "Money is coming!"

Finally, just wait for the payment to arrive in your Brazilian bank account by the end of the next business day.


Do I need to send an invoice to receive my payment?

It depends on the operation type and amount you will receive, but for most transfers below $50,000 it is not necessary. If necessary, we will notify you by email.

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