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How does the Husky's Payer app work?

Husky's Payer app was made for companies outside Brazil that pay Brazilian contractors.

How does the Payer app works?

Using the Payer app, you can create batch payments with as many people and companies as you want.

It's ideal for companies that make single transfers to contractors and pay multiple bank fees. With our app, making payments is simpler and faster!

Your company will have a wallet to where you must send funds via Wire Transfer/SWIFT.

In the app, you create the batch payment and we take care of the rest! We convert the payment amount using the commercial exchange rate, and your contractors receive it in Reais (BRL) in their Brazilian bank account.

Features and Benefits

In the Payer app, you can

  • Add funds and make payments in multiple currencies
  • Check your account balance and payment status in real time
  • View and download payment receipts and reports
  • Upload payment instructions via Excel file, Google Docs or similar
  • Choose between paying a fixed amount in BRL or USD
  • Create different user access levels and permissions for your operational team

API Solution

Foreign Exchange as a Service (FXaaS) is an API that allows your company to benefit from Husky's technological infrastructure. Through this integration, we will offer a solution for international payments within your own app or platform, without having to worry about developing technology in-house.

Check our API documentation at

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