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Bank account in Brazil: how to edit and verify your bank account

We exchange your payment to reais and send it directly to your Brazilian bank account.

You can receive it in a current or savings bank account. The bank account must be from the same holder as your Husky account.

To verify your account, we send a TED transfer.

How to add or edit my bank account in Brazil?

  1. Go to "Contas bancárias" and click on "Conta bancária no Brasil"
  2. Select your bank, account type and inform the agency and account number with digit
  3. Click on "Salvar"

  4. Your account will be verified within a few minutes. If verified, you will receive a TED transfer of R$0.01

My bank account has not been verified, what should I do?

If your bank account verification fails, you will receive the email "Não conseguimos confirmar sua conta bancária!"

Verification may fail due to:

  • Wrong bank account information: you entered the wrong agency or account number
  • The bank account provided does not belong to the same holder as the Husky account: for example, if your account at Husky is a Corporate account, it is necessary to provide a bank account from that CNPJ. It is not possible to add a bank account from your CPF or another CNPJ
  • Bank or account entered is invalid: if your details are correct and your account is still not verified, contact our support through the service channels
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