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What is it like to receive payments from Husky?

It's very simple to receive payments with us

The first step is to open an account. We have options of Individual or Corporate accounts. You can have both too!

Through the Web App and email you will receive a multicurrency account in your name, with IBAN and SWIFT. You must send the details of this account to the person or company that will make the payments.

When the payment arrives at Husky, it will be analyzed and after approval, we will freeze the exchange rate.

We'll let you know via email "Money is Coming!" and will have all the details, such as time and value of the quote. The payment will automatically arrive in your Brazilian bank account until the end of the next business day.

How does it work for who is going to pay me?

The payer can use their own bank or payment platform of choice. There is no need to open an account with Husky for the payer.

The transfer method he must use is Wire Transfer, also known as SWIFT.

Payment must be made to your multi-currency account details that we indicate in the Web App and email.

Remember that we exchange the payment to reais for you! Therefore, payments must arrive in a foreign currency.

Can I receive it in any bank account?

We send the amount to a Brazilian bank account with the same holder as your Husky account.

  • If you are an individual, in a bank account whose holder is you (your CPF)
  • If you are a legal entity, in a bank account whose holder is your company (its CNPJ)

It is mandatory that you have a corporate bank account at a bank in Brazil to receive at Husky as a company.

Do I need to send any documents to receive payments from Husky?

Not at first, it depends on how much you will receive. To learn more about transfer limits click here.

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