When this happens, it means that the payment amount is considerably higher than the invoice or contract amount.

It is not an issue if the payment and the invoice are in different currencies, as long as the payment amount persists to be lower or equal to the invoice amount.

We do have a tolerance though, to account for conversion rate fluctuations or banking fees before Husky receives the payment. But if the payment amount is considered to be higher than the invoice amount, even if accounting for these differences, it will not be accepted.

How to correct this message

When a document is rejected, the message "Document rejected. Click to see the reason(s)." will appear in the payment, together with a ❌ icon.

When you click it, a drawer entitled "How do you want to fix this document?" will open. The options are:

Option #1: Upload a new document

Click here, then upload a document with a value that is bigger or equal to the payment, and click "send". We'll review it and it should be solved.

Option #2: Edit payment details

Click here, then you can edit the payment amount to a value below or equal to the document value, and click "done". We'll review it and it should be solved.

Option #3: Open chat

If you cannot solve this message by the means above, you can always reach our support team and we'll be glad to help you!

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